Hong Kong HVAC Environment Equipment Co., Ltd.
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  Authorized dealer of branded air conditioning equipments and parts
  feature in energy efficient, versatility, functionality, durability
  Complete Installation, Repair, Maintenance and After- Sales Service

Exhaust & ventilation fans for domestic, commercial and industrial uses

  Air curtains, Fancoils, AHU and PAU
  Air Duct Cleaning Equipments and Services
  Dust removal and deodorization air filters
  Self-contained air purifiers
  Space deodorization & sterilization equipments
  US Made and EPA Approved
  Readily souble dry form chemicals & biocides
  Japan made instantaneous ozonated water generators
  Japanese and Korean brands of home electrical appliances
  Electric fans, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Microwaves, Dehumidifiers,K
  Built-in models for projects
  HD LCD, Plasma TV, Monitor, DVD, VCR
  High definition overhead projector, 32- channel security recorder, recording camera,...

High efficiency heat exchanger element, PCO air filters, K

  Air conditioner and AHU manufacturer inquiries welcome



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