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This series of air purifiers adopts the latest patented ¡§Low Temperature Plasma Techonology¡¨ to generate reliable and consistent ozone (O3) for environmental deodorization and sterilization.

They could be used for both air and water purifications.

Ozone is a natural element co- existing in our living environment, with strong oxidizing property. This would translate into powerful deodorization capacity of extreme intensity, stubborn and complex odorous elements. By the virtue and uniqueness of ozone, the deodorization process is fast, thorough, economical, safe and environmentally- friendly.

The second merit is itself a strong and non- chemical based sterilizer. Unlike chlorine, it is a natural and environmentally- friendly sterilizing agent in that while it is harmless to the livings, it does not cause bacteria to develop resilience.

It is proven to be effective in killing ¡§Staphylococcus Aurus (MRSA)¡¨- known to be commonly present in hospitals and resilient against many conventional biocides.

This series of Japan imported air purifiers emphasized on environmentally- friendly and are designed for heavy duty uses. So, they are durable, maintenance- free and no consumable parts.


For Professional Use


¡§GO-ONE¡¨ is a series of portable design ozone equipments for professional use.

They feature fast and powerful air deodorization and sterilization, within minutes of operating time. The sterilization efficacy fulfills HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) System Standard.

The operation of ¡§GO-ONE¡¨ series ozone equipments is available with on/ off timer and 24- hour programmable timer. Depending on the space volume, operating conditions and level of pollutants present, some model has ozone output selection function to optimize air purification performance with operational constraints e.g. time.

The latest model, GWN-300, has the flexibility of operating not only on AC power, it is also adaptable to both 12V and 24V DC power sources. An option that can also provide air purification servicing for both passenger and goods vehicles, as well.

Some recommended users are car servicing & beauty shops, property management, hotels, hospitals, food processing industry and commercial kitchens ¡K

Continuous operation type
For occupied premises use

The operating principle is to maintain a background ozone level at below 0.06ppm all times. This is to enable the decomposition of any odorous molecule present and to inhibit cross infection due to proliferation of airborne bacteria. This is in particular with dense places exposed to risks, e.g. public toilets, hospital waiting halls and wards, conference rooms, homes for the aged and child- care centres.

This series of air purifiers consists of two models, for commercial and home uses respectively. The applicable floor area of the commercial model ranges 30 ft2 ~ 1,200 ft2. The unique ozone output selection function catered for places prone to unusually high level of air pollutants, without lowering the efficacy of air purification processes e.g. public toilets.

The ozone concentration maintained indoors is in accordance with the Government¡¦s IAQ Objective Guideline.


For fridge/ showcase use


By adopting the patented ¡§Low Temperature Plasma Technology¡¨, it is specially designed for continuous operation at ambient temperature as low as 4°C. Recommended for maintaining freshness and hygiene of foods, vegetables and fresh flowers in refrigerators, showcases and controlled- temperature compartments.

¡§Showcase Refreshner¡¨ emphasizes on the inhibition of Ethylene Gas, known to release and accelerate the decaying process of organic compounds.

It is superior to the commonly seen fridge fresher using activated carbon that can only remove odors already present.

Merits are:

  • Delay the decaying process and maintain food freshness
    Environmental disinfections to avoid food cross contamination
  • Strong and reliable deodorization performance
  • Human & Food Safety
  • No replacement parts
  • Electricity consumption, as low as 1.5 Watt
Models are available for both small- to- medium refrigerators, large commercial refrigerators and showcases, up to 8,000 litres capacity

Comparison on the level of freshness of vegetables kept in the fresh compartment of refrigerator for 1 week

Example 1
Fresh cucumber

With ozone conc. @ 0.1 ppm Without ozone

Example 2
Fresh spinach

With ozone conc. @ 0.1 ppm Without ozone



Ozone Water Generator


This is a series of compact design, instantaneous ozone water generator equipments. It is available in both fixed installation and movable types, providing 16 litres/min flow of ozone water at max. 4ppm concentration.

Ozone water not only has the same unparalleled deodorization and sterilization capacities as in gaseous phase, it has the power of dissolving oil and grease.

These intrinsic properties of ozone water, when applied to general cleansing translate into substantial savings from

  • Use of abrasive chemicals, labor and time for removing stubborn grease stains
  • Disinfectant chemicals and subsequent rinsing procedure
  • Removal of odors

Ozone water is absolutely safe even in contact with humans and foods. No handling precautionary measures to be observed.

Proven effective in disinfecting Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus and S. Typhimurium

An important and significant application of ozone in aqueous state is the disinfection of swimming pools. They are widely adopted and taken in place of chlorine, in Europe, USA and Hong Kong.

Fixed installation type:

  • Features free flow of ozone water from tap at absolutely no running cost
  • Suitable for connection to water supply to infectious zones and operating theatres in hospitals, food processing chains

Movable type:

  • Equipped with user- friendly wheels, flexible hose and water jet for effective operation, even difficult-to-reach corners
  • Superior to high pressure water cleaner with general cleaning, disinfection, deodorization and grease removal 4-in-1 function


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