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Air Filters, Air Filtration and Ventilation Equipmentss


(A)¡@Standard AHU Air Filters

  • Reliable and economical
  • Tailored- made to order
  • Fast delivery
  • UL 900 certified
  • Activated carbon filter for deodorization

(B)¡@Washable, High Efficiency Pre- Filters

  • Tailored- made frames available with
    • Media replaceable panel type
    • Pressure loss reduction wavy type
    • Roll form with custom- made shaft
  • Readily and easy fitting to existing fancoil discharge and return air grilles, in replacement of the aluminum mesh filters
  • Durable and compact design with large dust holding capacity, thus investment cost and subsequent replacement frequency is reduced
  • Thickness available from 7mm to 18mm
  • Dust collection efficiency ranges from 45% to 82%, measured by AFI Method
  • Painting booths¡¦ application with 98% efficiency

(C)¡@Environmentally- Friendly Air Filters

  • Frame Re- usable Medium Filters and Long Service Life Bag Filters
  • Space saving medium filter of depth marginally 65mm
  • Long Service Life with 4 times higher dust holding capacity

(D)¡@Clean Room and Controlled- Zone Equipments

  • Factory fabricated, air leakage tested ventilation equipments.
    • Low level exhaust unit
    • Fresh air intake filtration unit, c/w air duct connection
    • Air Shower
    • Multi- Storey Hatch Box
    • Laminar Flow Booth
    • Totally Sealed Filter Exchange Chamber
  • 100% Japan made and individually inspected


  • Industrial scale for large airflow volume
  • Air duct connection is ok
  • HEPA grade 99.99% efficiency
  • Available with activated carbun filter for deodorization


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